Monday, 10 June 2013

Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Wyre Forest, 9/6/13

After Salcey Forest and the Wood White we went on to the Wyre Forest to look for the Pearl Bordered Fritillary.

This was another butterfly that we had already seen but did not possess a good photograph we went on to Droitwich and stayed at the Crown (Marston's) which was good value, clean, comfortable and had lovely food - mmm I digress, but after The Heath Inn at Leighton Buzzard ( see my review on I am sensitised!

We went off to the Wyre Forest and after a wrong turn or so we found the entrance and car park at Dry Mill Lane

There are a number of walks signposted from the car park; basically it is the red route but there is now a butterfly trail - we followed this and we were bombarded with flying Pearl Bordered Fritillaries.

It is difficult to distinguish between this and the Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary; looking at and photographing the underwings is the only sure way to check: the chevrons have a red surround and the black eye spot is small in the pearl bordered fritillary.

Easier than the Wood White and the Real's Wood White though - where you need a microscope to compare the genitalia - as if -  when you are out walking - oh, and in Ireland

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